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Offer your clients the best plans for new mortgages, refinance options, private mortgages and more.
Private Lending Hub is your portal to endless mortgage solutions. Take your mortgage business to the next level with Private Lending Hub.


Initiative of Matrix Mortgage Global

Private Lending Hub is an initiative of Matrix Mortgage Global that provides mortgage agents and brokers with access to private funds and lenders from across Canada. By being able to offer your clients more options, you will be able to increase your bottom line.

Help your clients

Help your clients obtain first and second mortgages, commercial mortgages, construction and renovation loans, bridge loans, home equity lines of credit and many other mortgage solutions.

Keep 100% of your broker fee

Best of all, our innovative lead generating portal cuts out the middle man and allows you to keep 100% of your broker fee.

Mortgage Pricing

Private Lending Hub is the leading solution for Canadian mortgage origination, enabling Mortgage Professionals to receive pricing, terms, conditions and funding approval from multiple lenders rapidly and efficiently.
Different pricing applies to Land, Commercial & Construction loans, as well as business loans. These all can be arranged and we welcome them as well. Please See Attachment.

Lender fees are between 1-3%
We can buy down rate if we increase lender fee (if client is rate sensitive) and vice-versa.

With Private Lending Hub you receive

24/7 Customer Support Services

Quick Approval and Closing

Dedicated Underwriting

Rates start at just 4.99%

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Private 1st & 2nd Residential and Commercial Mortgages

from 4.99%
Minimum Loan
Amount $250,000

What We Do

Commercial & Residential




Debt Consolidation


Bridge Loan

Home Equity Line of Credit

Land financing

Gas Station Financing